Meta congratulates Djukanivic: Your victory consolidates Montenegro's Euro-Atlantic and European orientation

President Ilir Meta delivered a congratulatory message to his Montenegrin counterpart Milo Djukanovic over his victory in the presidential elections. Likewise, Meta remains hopeful that the excellent relations of good neighborliness between our two countries will be further boosted and expanded. “Your victory was a clear support for the consolidation of the country’s Euro-Atlantic and European orientation, as well as guarantees for the further strengthening of peace and regional co-operation. I am convinced that during your presidential term, the excellent relations and good neighborly relations between our two countries will be strengthened and expanded further. I assure you of my willingness and desire to work closely with you in the future, for the consolidation of this cooperation, and the strengthening of peace, stability and development of our common region, where our two countries are giving an excellent example , “says Meta in his message.

/Klara Ruci/