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A triumph over Poland at home would give a chance to Red and Black team to the "Play Off" of World Cup

  • 10/11/2021 12:31 PM
 A triumph over Poland at home would give a chance to Red and Black team to the "Play Off" of World Cup

Albania with the victory achieved in "Puskas Arena" has increased the hopes for a place in the "play off" of the World Cup, "Qatar 2022". With the three-points taken in Hungary, the red and blacks retain the second place, with four points behind England, as well as one more than the third place, Poland.

Confronting the Poles is crucial for both teams, even getting qualified for the "play off". Coach Edi Reja's team needs the victory with Poland to be more confident in holding the second place.

History repeats itself in many cases and at the moment Albania and Poland are as it happened in May 1985, where the two teams faced in "Qemal Stafa" stadium.

The winner of that showdown on May 30, 1985 - managed to secure a ticket to the "Mexico 1986" World Cup. Triumphant were the Poles who punished us with the star of Juventus, Zbigniev Boniek.

So tomorrow's match is another opportunity for Albania to take revenge for that first loss of 36 years ago, which faded away our dreams to go to the World Cup in Mexico.

13 representatives from Europe will go to the World Cup "Qatar 2022". The "play offs" will be held in March 2022. The draw will be  based on the points of the qualifying round. The two teams of the UEFA League of Nations will not be hidden in the scoring. The 10 winners of the League of Nations groups for the 2020-2021 edition are: France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Wales, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, Armenia, Gibraltar, Faroe Islands.

Austria and Wales are currently favored by the League of Nations. At the moment, Albania is part of the second ten teams in groups. The points of the teams to determine the 6 favorites in the final division in the draw are calculated with the results they have with the first 5 teams. When the group has 6 teams, the results with the last place are not taken into account.

In these conditions, Albania is deprived of the 6 points it received with San Marino. Anyway, at the moment Albania is in the first six favorite teams, which after the draw of the "play off" phase, play the first match at home.

/Klara Ruci/