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'Cremona Quartet 'in the' Garden of Earthly Pleasures' of the 2021 Biennale

  • 8/6/2021 11:26 AM
'Cremona Quartet 'in the' Garden of Earthly Pleasures' of the 2021 Biennale

The "Cremona Quartet", based in Genoa, which for 21 years has brought to the world's most famous audiences the compositions of great authors, this time was a guest of the Biennale "Classical Music Nights", founded in 2003, directed by Durrës violinist Florian Vlashi.
Meanwhile, 12 young soloists competed, and all were Durrës students, who will seek to be the winners of the newest prize. "Simone Gramaglia", which provides the same care for the alternative winner of the competition.

Beethoven and Brahms in the "Garden of Earthly Pleasures"

Vlashi, who has lived and worked in Spain since 1992, says that the extraordinary and enigmatic work "Garden of Pleasures" of the year by Hieronymos Bosch - El Bosco is the origin of the title of this edition of the Biennale.

 Prominent artists from our country, from Kosovo and Italy performed during the two evenings of this edition, which has broken for the second time the tradition of free concerts, thus becoming an artistic contract between the parties.

Since the first concert, harmony between music and projections of paintings was revealed with sounds of Kukuzelite, Bach, Beethoven, Granados, Strauss, Scoenberg, etc. that merge with the masterpieces by El Bosco, Onufri, Caravaggio, Goya, Dali ', Klimt,… ".

"Quartetto di Cremona" showed the professional seriousness of the instrumental ensemble as well as the long experience of more than two decades together in the interpretation of works in quartets.

Artists from Genoa created a special atmosphere in the "Moisiu" hall, which so far has known mainly the drama interpretations of Albanian theatre troupes.

The concert of the Cremona Quartet in the theater hall "Moisiu" is considered one of the best performances of classical music in Durrres, bringing a lot of pleasure to local and foreign art lovers.

/Klara Ruci/