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"Cursed Mountains" bear this name due to...

  • 1/21/2021 1:29 PM
"Cursed Mountains" bear this name due to...

Cursed Mountains are a mountain ridge in the Albanian Alps, Shkodra district, forming an elevated crest with an altitude of 2400-2500 m, length 12 km and width 5-7 km. They are called "Bjeshket e Namuna" (cursed mountains) due to their foreboding vertical spires, deep winter snows, and inhospitable ruggedness. Their extremely harsh nature, very rugged relief, almost complete absence of plants (above the altitude of 1400-1500 m) and surface waters, have given them the name they do bear. Offering some of the country's most impressive scenery, and easily its finest hiking, the mountains spread over the borders of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, and in Albania they reach a respectable height of 2694m.There are deep green valleys, thick forests where wolves prowl, icy-grey rock pinnacles and quaint stone villages where old traditions hold strong.

/Klara Ruci/