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"Galaxy" is announced the best show in the online theater festival

  • 3/18/2021 9:33 AM
"Galaxy" is announced the best show in the online theater festival

A powerful piece with strong messages! The online festival of all-Albanian theaters is closed, bringing 3 awards to the National Theater . Best Performance for "Galaxy - Scene from an Execution"; Best Actress, Olta Daku who played Galaxy and Best Young Actor Igli Zarke. The director of the play dwells on the concept and messages that puts the artist in front of the propaganda of power.

"I did not expect it and I am excited. It is all the components that make a play a winner, from the choice of the part, the actors, the music, the costumes, etc., to the grandeur and the opportunity to put on a great performance of the National Theater. The artist has a free spirit. The show has had many messages but the most important thing is to speak out the truth and the truth always wins "- said the director of the play Rovena Lule.
20 performances of different years from Albanian theaters in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia were shown for 1 month on the website of the National Theater bringing together different troupes, in an online festival due to the pandemic.
The festival organized by the National Theater and the National Experimental Theater Kujtim Spahivogli, for which the troops themselves voted, praised Dino Mustafic as the best director, the career award went to actor Bujar Lako after death, as well as actors Gëzim Rudi, Gert Ferra, Arta Muçaj and Silvio Goskova. The National Theater has been closed for a year due to anticovid measures and there is still no reopening date.

/Klara Ruci/