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"International Folk Festival Tirana", with 10 folk ensembles on stage from different countries

  • 5/24/2021 3:57 PM
"International Folk Festival Tirana", with 10 folk ensembles on stage from different countries

Tirana in July will be the host of various folk ensembles. "International Folk Festival Tirana" comes as an international festival, with the participation of 10 ensembles from 10 countries. A festival that will be competitive and is expected to take place in the amphitheater of Tirana from July 22 to 25. This is the first time that a festival of this size takes place in Tirana. 

"FIDAF World" has certified the festival by making it part of the activities for 2021. As president of the association "FIDAF Albania" Gëzim Alimehmeti shows that not only folklore, but Tirana as well will also be promoted. He says that during July 22-25, with the development of the festival "International Folk Festival Tirana" our capital is expected to turn into a great welcoming mahogany of artists from around the world. "Not only folklore, but also the promotion of Tirana and its tourist attractions, cultural heritage.The festival will bring a variety of costumes, a variety of dances of different states. 83 countries will get acquainted live through this Festival. FIDAF (Federation of International Dance Festivals) was founded in 2011 in South Korea. It has 83 member states from all continents, 29 of them European countries. Under the "FIDAF World" logo, 230 festivals have been held on all continents since its inception.

Successful ensembles participate in the "International Folk Festival Tirana" with their activity. 10 countries, 10 dance ensembles among the most successful in the world will present to Tirana the colors of the holiday, as it is said in a festival spot, as a sun of hope for art and cultural heritage. The festival is attended by ensembles from countries such as Mexico, Cameroon, Poland, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Greece, Albania and Montenegro. The "IFFT" festival has been approved by the Ministry of Culture, which supports it, and according to Gëzim Alimehmeti, a positive response is expected from the Municipality of Tirana. Albania will be represented in this international festival with the ensemble "Tirana Folk", which belongs to the Municipality of Tirana. For Gëzim Alimehmeti, this ensemble presents the best folk values."Tirana Folk" preserves the values ​​of folk dances of Albania from north to south. It has taken part in various activities and festivals" Alimehmeti says. According to him, it is the first time that a festival named after Tirana is held, which enters the world calendar and has such a certificate.

/Klara Ruci/