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“Kiss me Again" audio version of Alda Dizdari's book

  • 11/16/2020 6:30 PM
“Kiss me Again" audio version of Alda Dizdari's book

Albanian violinist Alda Dizdari, one of the most talented and prominent artists of her generation, has released this month (October 2020) in the UK the audio version of her book "Kiss me Again" - "Memories with Elgar in unusual places."

The book was written in English two years ago and is based on the experience and the way the Artist experienced the creativity of the British composer Edward Elgar, especially one of his least known and most beautiful works, the Concert for Violin and Orchestra. Alda brings this concert to the public in Albania and Romania where the reality is not as romantic as the work and feeling of the musician.

During the months of quarantine Alda realized the audio version of this book that accompanies the CD of the concert for Violin of Edward Elgar. Alda is one of those artists who has managed to create and publish in this very difficult period, for the art world. This publication is the first of its kind for an Albanian artist. The inspiration for this book is the Violin Concerto. 

"Kiss me Again", is above all a love story between performer, composer and work. It brings the reader closer to the source of creativity and then sweetly catapult it into the hands and soul of the performer who evokes the work whenever he executes it masterfully on stage.

"Kiss me again" is not only a book that enriches the creativity of this genre in the world, but also among the few (perhaps even the first) that offers Albanian readers a private and intimate meeting with the musician before going on stage. An honest book, full of feelings, curiosities, intimacy, both autobiographical and lyrical, written full of modesty and charm.

/Klara Ruci/