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"Mik Festival" / Klosi: The number of tourists higher than 2019, we are working on a complete tourist package

  • 7/26/2021 10:08 AM
"Mik Festival" / Klosi: The number of tourists higher than 2019, we are working on a complete tourist package

Albanian Minister of Tourism Blendi Klosi was present at the organization of "Mik Festival"in Pustec, where he spoke about the importance of Albanian tourism.

He said that currently in the country, more tourists have come than in 2019, which is also considered as the golden year.

Klosi underlined that along with the sea of ​​Albanian beaches, other parts of the country should be promoted, in order to offer visitors a complete tourist package.

"It is wonderful to organize Mik Festival in this magical place, which in fact is in line with the policies of the Ministry of Tourism, that an extremely protected area like the whole Prespa area to get closer to tourism, to get closer for more artistic activities and the promotion given to them by such concerts is a wonderful thing. In the context of tourism for 2021, Albania is experiencing a great obsession to visit, we even have more tourists than in 2019, which has been the golden year and this is thanks to the great promotion of Albania.

We need much more Albanian beauties, we know how to promote besides the sea and have a complete tourist offer. We have a considerable number of foreign tourists and visitors. In the first 15 days of July we had more tourists than the same period of 2019 and up to 5 times more tourists than 2020, but that is not enough.

We are in the beginning of the establishment of the tourism industry in Albania, we need much more quality in service, the recovery of tourism has begun, but tourism can not be a separate economy, it is an economy that gives hope for development, it is a economy that produces more income, but in the case of post-pandemic, it is producing even more enthusiasm in the life of Albania and in fact this is the best, because it creates positivity in our lives after the pandemic period ", said Klosi.

/Klara Ruci/