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"Za Fest" in Shkodra, three magical nights with music and singers

  • 8/2/2021 9:21 AM
"Za Fest" in Shkodra, three magical nights with music and singers

Rozafa Castle in Shkodra has been the last stop of the Za Fest festival, in this fourth edition. The castle was electrified by the performances of artists Gjon Muharremaj, Vlashent Sata, Josif Gjipali, Ekland Hasaj, Arben Bajraktaraj of foreign jazz and techno music groups who are characterized by style and special trends.
This night was thought to be a combination of traditional, through magical tales, interpretations and unforgettable legends, which restored the magic of a city. The Albanian singer from Swisserland Gjon Muharremaj, who received a lot of fame from this year's Eurovision performed for the first time on Rozafa's stage. He was warmly wellcomed by the large audience.
Singer Gjon Muharremaj at the end of the show said that he feels surprised by the wide participation and hospitality of Shkodra. He promised that the festival will be traveling, in Tirana, Kosovo, etc.
Za Fest aims, not only to revive Albanian values, cultivate art, develop the local economy and beyond, but also to convey strong messages. This four-year festival revives Albanian values, cultivates art, which unites people in its universal languages.

/Klara Ruci/