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10 suggestions to visit Albania from the famous blogger

  • 3/10/2021 9:11 AM
10 suggestions to visit Albania from the famous blogger

Larissa Olenicoff, an adventurous woman from California, or as she is otherwise known "The Blonde Gypsy", has become one of the most popular travel bloggers for the Balkans where Albania has a special weight for her. Thanks to her Instagram page and website, her many adventures from endless travels, have become a source of inspiration for many people to visit Albania, which she has promoted on many occasions. In the column "IntoAlbania", she gives 10 suggestions for tourists visiting Albania.

They are:

Favorite Albanian City: Tirana.

Place of culture: Shkodra.

Nature place: From the top of the Karaburun peninsula to Llogara.

Favorite dish: Baked lamb with yogurt.

Outdoor experience: Albanian Alps.

Special pleasure: Rakia.

The place that has left you speechless: Palas beach.

Underestimated place you like best: Korça.

Favorite urban place: The Pedestrian Street of Tirana.

The right place for instagram photos: Berat.

/Klara Ruci/