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20 power plants kicked off production in 2020

  • 4/21/2021 12:31 PM
20 power plants kicked off production in 2020

At least 20 new plants kicked off production over the past year out of which 18 in hydro and two photovoltaic stations.

Their total installed capacity is estimated at 227 MW where most of this capacity belongs to the Moglica hydropower plant, which was built in the Devoll cascade by Devoll Hydropower. Data from the Energy Regulatory Authority show that new hydropower plants provide 3.4 percent of total energy production.

During 2020, a total of 20 plants have entered into production with an installed capacity of 227.8 MW, which have produced during 2020 the amount of 182,816 MWh. The production of electricity realized by the plants that have entered into production during 2020 occupies about 3.44% of the total domestic production of electricity for this year ", estimates the Entity.

On the other hand, he underlines the increase of the contribution given by private producers as a whole, holding 42 percent of the total energy produced in the country.

"Electricity production realized by private generating plants for 2020 is 2,979,252 MWh or about 42% of total domestic production. For 2020, the number of private generating plants that have produced electricity is 216, where 8 of them are independent producers which are owned by 3 licensed entities, while the rest of the 208 plants are priority producers of electricity who are owned by 155 entities in the activity of electricity generation "reports the regulator.

In total, the installed capacity of private generation power plants is 1,058 MW, where the installed capacity of the plants of independent producers is 436 MW, while 622 MW belongs to the plants of producers with priority electricity. But what is the difference between independent producers and those with advantages.

Under the contracts, independent hydropower producers can sell energy on the open market and receive the price set through supply-demand. On the other hand, the priority producers, which are hydropower plants with installed power up to 15MW, sell the energy to the Electricity Distribution Operator. The price at which this energy is purchased is determined according to a formula based on the price of energy on the Hungarian stock exchange for the previous year.

For photovoltaics with an installed capacity of 2 MW, the price at which energy is purchased by the state is set every year. For 2020 this price was revised to just over 71.2 euros per MWh.

/Klara Ruci/