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200 Albanian companies receive the certificate for organic products

  • 9/7/2021 8:44 AM
200 Albanian companies receive the certificate for organic products

The market for organic products around the world is growing rapidly, bringing a good perspective to businesses that focus on these products.

Albinspekt, a Swiss-funded unit for the creation and development of organic farming infrastructure in Albania, has so far certified 200 organic businesses across the country represented by agricultural farms.

Organic Albanian farms that hold this certificate are allowed to export to other countries. In order for these products to be exported to the EU as organic, they must use organic production methods set out in EU legislation, a process that is audited by an EU-accredited certifier. Products must have an organic EU logo and a standard logo.

EU authorities may require increased control of organic products imported from non-member countries, including the Western Balkans. Export of processed organic fruit and vegetable products to the EU is only possible with an electronic certificate. A new system of electronic certificates for imports of organic products has become applicable since April 19, 2017. It replaces the inspection certificate that has been in force since 2008.

The organic market in Europe is growing rapidly, at double-digit rates from year to year. Europe's largest market is Germany with almost 10 billion euros a year. But per capita consumption is highest in Switzerland, followed by Denmark and Sweden. The fact that the number of processors and importers is growing much faster than the number of producers shows that organic production is not in line with the demand. During the pandemic year the market for these products declined in the EU due to restrictions and imports from distant lands.

In 2020, the EU imported 2.79 million tonnes of organic agri-food products, a decrease of 1.9% compared to 2.85 million tonnes imported in 2019. The main trading partners in relation to imports of organic products to the EU are Ecuador (12%), Republic Dominican (9%), China (8%) and Ukraine (8%).

Albanian companies of organic products that are represented by a variety of products from honey, vegetables, fruits and meat and dairy, are in front of a good perspective to increase profits in the future. Information from European markets shows that organic products are sold at a price at least 30% higher than other products where industrial chemicals are used.

In recent years, exports of agricultural products have increased, as more and more farmers are tending to increase the diversity of products, their quality and their sense of finding new export markets.

/Klara Ruci/