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310 artists exhibit works at the Watercolor Biennale

  • 3/13/2021 6:18 PM
310 artists exhibit works at the Watercolor Biennale

The International Watercolor Bienniale has been opened at the National Historical Museum. 310 artists from 58 countries exhibit paintings, in which they have addressed the theme "Quiet Nature". The curator of the exhibition, painter Helidon Haliti, describes this fourth edition of the Biennale, which is taking place in this unusual period due to the Covid 19 pandemic, as a celebration of the beauty of nature and life.

"There are works of 310 artists, among them 150 professionals and others amateurs in this field, which are presented these days at the National Historical Museum. Together with the curator Ormira Lulani we decided as the main subject "Quiet Nature". Artists bring their spiritual world, which they have gone through during the pandemic. We have done this to show that in this difficult year we are all together ", says Helidon Haliti.
Artists, such as Skënder Kamberi, Ronald Runaj or even foreigners, Hermi Kurner, Gerta Sabbe, Olga Vatkova, Li Lei, Aneta Gajos, etc., but also amateurs through watercolors bring joyful scenes, which focus on the arrival of spring, flowers and fruits, daily life, objects, but also other images that come as a result of their imagination

" We bring a kind of joy, as visual art has no barriers in terms of the number of visitors, who can come to see a work of art up close. In the exhibition, but also in the catalog, you will notice the change in how artists from one place to another treat nature in watercolor. The European school conceives it differently, more wisely and with dedication, while the Asian school comes with a perfect technique, which is the top and the bottom of the watercolor ", says Haliti.

The bienniale will remain open in the halls of the National Historical Museum until March 24.

/Klara Ruci/