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38% of job vacancies are created by emigration in Albania

  • 8/9/2021 12:35 PM
38% of job vacancies are created by emigration in Albania

Job vacancies in our country, more than the expansion of the economy has been created by the gap created in the labor force, high emigration, especially in young population groups.

The Regional Cooperation Council in the Balkan Barometer survey for 2021 found that 38% of vacancies created in business lines were due to shortages due to emigration.

The problem of labor force emigration is most acute in Albania and Bosnia. In Bosnia, businesses have claimed that 50% of job vacancies are created by emigration, while the phenomenon remains high in other countries, but lower than in Albania.

The strongest cause for job vacancies remains a lack of skills. 45% of vacancies in Albania are due to lack of skills in the labor market. Businesses in Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro said that 50% of vacancies are due to the lack of skilled workers.

A study this year by the Institute for International Economic Studies in Vienna found that, in our country 60% of the workforce is with low education, in contrast, in other countries in the region, where this group has a higher weight low in labor force, below 40%.

The working age population will decline significantly in the Western Balkans, Moldova and Ukraine, but in a zero emigration scenario, the decline in Albania would be lower.

Under both scenarios, the working-age population aged 15-64 will shrink in all countries of the region by 2050.

In the first scenario, the population decline will be more pronounced, with 24% in Albania, 17% in Montenegro and up to 35% in Ukraine.

In the second scenario, which assumes that there will be no external migration, the decline would be less pronounced.

For Albania, in particular, such a scenario would be very favorable: without migration, the working age population will shrink by only 9%, instead of 24% as in the first scenario.

/Klara Ruci/