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40 artists from Albania and Kosovo exhibit the 'goals' of 70 years at the National Gallery of Art

  • 2/2/2021 2:10 PM
40 artists from Albania and Kosovo exhibit the 'goals' of 70 years at the National Gallery of Art

The exhibition "Goals" has been opened at the National Gallery of Arts. Under the care of Adela Demetja and Ermir Krasniqi, the exhibition is conceived in two sections; "Body archives", which examines the body being always in process, and "Memory Grammar", which examines the ways of visual narrativization based on personal and collective memory.

 "It has not been very easy to select these works. We worked for a year for this exhibition. But, it must be said that the initiative came from the institution, this makes it easier, because women have often had to fight to exhibit their work, to settle in the field of art. This time we are dealing with an institutional awareness. We have taken the works of the collections of the Art Gallery in Prishtina and Tirana ", says the curator Demetja, who further adds that women have used different strategies to continue in the field of art, to be successful. "On this rises the curatorial concept, not only on the work done by these artists to be present, but also to be achieved works. A variety of treatments of their work and artistic practice has been noticed in 40 artistic positions. We aim not to limit the definition of female artwork, but to extend it further. Female artists have often had to work in the kitchen, in the premises where they cook and where they have children, but it has gone beyond this space. In a way, these artists have not only survived, but have given a valuable national and regional contribution ", states the curator Adela Demetja.

According to Demetja, the difference between women artists in Tirana and those in Pristina does exist, as the latter have had freedom in their art since the ‘90s.

/Klara Ruci/