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8000 doses of Pfizer vaccine to arrive in Albania

  • 2/22/2021 3:00 PM
8000 doses of Pfizer vaccine to arrive in Albania
Another 8,190 doses of the Pfizer vaccine will arrive in Albania this Monday. The news was given by the Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu during her speech at the plenary session. "In an elbow fight in the big global vaccine market, where the philosophy of the strongest seems to prevail, imagine what extraordinary efforts it took our little Albania to secure a direct contract with Pfizer for 500 thousand vaccines ", from which over 8 thousand doses have arrived so far, and the delivery of another 8190 doses is expected today, thus continuing with the calendar of arrival of vaccines", said  Manastirliu in the Assembly.
Expressing that today the world is divided into two categories, countries that have started the vaccination process and 140 others that have not yet started this process, the Minister of Health spoke about the categories of vaccinated in the country. "Today we have over 4600 lives of doctors, nurses and hospital staff more protected, due to vaccination. Today we have over 400 lives of elderly people in asylums, elderly people over 80 years old and caregivers, most protected due to the start of vaccination. Let me also express my deepest regret for the misinformation that further fueled some unjustifiable public reactions to the vaccination of some citizens who were part of this first group, first of all that they were over 80 years old. They are indeed personalities who do honor to this country and our society, but the criterion and only the age criterion enabled them to be part of a process that began with the elderly in the asylum. It will continue with other +80 year olds, according to the plan for each band of the age group over 80 years old ", said the Minister of Health.
During her speech in the Assembly, the Minister of Health also spoke about the ratification of the agreement between Albania and Turkey, for the New Memorial Hospital in Fier, which is being built with the help of the Republic of Turkey. "This hospital will place the milestone for construction of a completely new way of hospital management in the country, which will evaluate doctors according to work, with the model of hospital autonomy. Many may ask why you did not do it before? We are all aware that in the conditions where we found health, the necessary operation was the reconstruction of the infrastructure, to then move to a new model, so much needed for the administration of public hospitals in the country, based on the principles of autonomy hospital and performance evaluation ", said the Minister of Health.
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