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African investors, participants in ‘Klik Ekspo Group’: Interested in investing in Albania.

  • 9/9/2021 5:52 PM
African investors, participants in ‘Klik Ekspo Group’: Interested in investing in Albania.

The "Open Balkans" project has aroused the interest of African investors. Emanuele Assako is one of them who says that through the Expo Forum of Klik Ekspo Group "The first Economic Mission in Tirana" to be held at the Palace of Congresses on November 27-30, African investors have shown interest in being present in the market.
"Through this forum, I think that many African institutions will come to present what Africa is. Africa is music, culture and business and will take advantage of this forum to bring these things.

"I am convinced that Africa and the 'Balkan Open' will be an opportunity for all Balkan companies to have the opening of trade with African countries which is very necessary and an open opportunity for trade and culture," said Emanuele Assako, African investor.
But what are the sectors that African investors are interested in?

"There are more opportunities for tourism here than in many other places in Europe. "Life here is cheaper and it gives people the opportunity to come here to have a nice vacation and this opens the opportunity to do business, why not," said the African investor.

Emanuele Assako says that they see Albania as a starting point to expand later in the Balkans.
"I believe that because Albania has been blocked by other countries and now that this forum is coming, the Balkans will be opened and we will have the opportunity to enter Africa so that we can all be open to move forward", he stressed.

Expoforum has the mission to create the right climate to turn Albania and the Balkans into a business destination for companies.

/Klara Ruci/