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Albania, a model for civil aviation

  • 9/15/2021 10:53 AM
Albania, a model for civil aviation

International authorities appreciate Albania's civil aviation model, noting in particular that Albanian aviation has exceeded passenger traffic levels before the pandemic along with the increased implementation of safety standards and guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Agency. The Secretary General of this international agency Juan Carlos Salazar made this assessment in the meetings with the European leaders of aviation, which took place on the occasion of the 70th Special Meeting of the Directors-General of Civil Aviation of the European Civil Aviation Conference, which was organized by Albania.

ICAO Secretary General Juan Carlos Salazar: “The case of Albania and other countries in the region demonstrates the benefit of governments investing and supporting the civil aviation sector in these difficult times and gaining immediate benefits by providing air transport links, which are essential for recovery efforts in post-epidemic times ”.
The pandemic and the increase in flights to destinations other than Italy has significantly changed the geography of flights this summer.

According to data from the Mother Teresa International Airport, traffic for July-August this year is led by London, with an increase of 74% compared to the same period of 2019 and + 159% compared to the pandemic period of 2020 .

Vienna has also increased, surpassing Istanbul and occupying the fourth place. German destinations have marked a significant increase, after the addition of flights by Uizz Air. Munich, Dortmund, Berlin have seen high increase in passenger traffic. Although opened in recent months, the direct line with Dubai has aroused interest.

Other Albanian and pan-European priorities were also identified in meetings with Albanian and European aviation executives, including the President of the European Civil Aviation Agency, Eurocontrol and the European Aviation Safety Agency.

The meetings were also an opportunity for the Secretary-General to underline the importance of the International Civil Aviation Agency High Level Conference on COVID19 in terms of bringing countries closer to model approaches, such as Albania, thus accelerating the return of air linkage. international. It is announced that the ten-day Virtual Ministerial Conference will open on October 12, 2021.