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Albania at the Digital Summit of the Balkans, coding school for young people

  • 10/14/2021 2:48 PM
Albania at the Digital Summit of the Balkans, coding school for young people

The 4th Digital Summit in the Western Balkans in Montenegro opens several new opportunities for Albania. The Director of the National Agency for Information Society, Linda Karçanaj spoke at the Summit on the Albanian experience of online services evaluated by international institutions.

"Digital Albania can not be understood without the e-Albania platform, which today offers 1,207 public services or 95% of all public services with just one click. Today, e-Albania serves 2.3 million Albanian and foreign citizens and businesses at no cost, without waiting in line at state counters, without having any physical contact with administration employees.

Our model is based on a simple and efficient architecture. "We have invested in the digitalization of physical archives, the improvement of physical infrastructure and the cloud, the development of platforms dedicated to the circulation of legally valid documents, their issuance with an electronic stamp or signature, etc.", said Karçanaj.

She pointed out that through the Digital Agenda 2021-2030, Albania is initiating new challenges for digitalization, from the use of artificial intelligence for better services, to the creation of coding schools for Albanian youth starting from next year where the first 1 thousand young people will start.

"Our plans for the advancement of digital skills in Albania will focus especially on the development of human resources and talents in coding, through the Boot Camp model and coding schools, from where we aim to have within the next year 1,000 new coders and 3,000 in 2023. In focus we also have the change of the teaching curriculum with the inclusion of coding and IT from the first grade in order to massively spread the coding to the students ", said Karçanaj.

The Summit praised the initiative to abolish Roaming in the Western Balkans and soon the same initiative will be followed with the countries of the European Union, creating a great facility for Albanian citizens traveling to the EU. Two new co-operation agreements were also signed between Balkan countries to boost digital interaction.

/Klara Ruci/