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Albania can become a champion in tourism in the Balkan

  • 4/2/2021 12:19 PM
Albania can become a champion in tourism in the Balkan

The socialist campaign today was located in the district of Berat. Prime Minister Edi Rama during talks with farmers, agro-processors and residents of Morava said that in the conditions where the country is today, according to the head of government, Albania can become a champion of the Balkans in tourism and agricultural transport. "Our program is our vision, our work, our perseverance and our patience. With vision, character, work, and patience, we will move forward by implementing our action plan. Albania is in the conditions today, where it can claim to become the champion of the Balkans in tourism, argotourism and agricultural transport. With these three links, Albania will have the opportunity to go to another level. These three are the basis of quality employment," said Rama.
The Prime Minister stressed that Albania has all the possibilities to reach up to 1 billion euros of exports of agricultural products, not sparing the comparisons and humor for the fertile areas of Albania such as Berat and Lushnja. "Employment is definitely a challenge, definitely raising better paid jobs is an extraordinary challenge, but here it would be unbelievable, because they know exactly what is done in the village, if they would hear the real income, "These are not here, because they have no limit, these people wake up in their greenhouses, in their fields, in their factories. We will bring exports over 1 billion dollars." added the Prime Minister. In this region, Pm Rama supported the Party candidates Socialist and told farmers about the government's vision in growing modern and effective agriculture.