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Albania expects a huge influx of foreign visitors

  • 5/30/2021 3:57 PM
Albania expects a huge influx of foreign visitors

The entire Albanian coastline is ready to host domestic and foreign tourists, in a year that finds itself affected by the Covid-19 pandemic but not powerless to start everything from scratch and stronger. Revival expected to kick off in tourism.

"I am very confident that in 2021 will be a year where tourism will not only be a driver of the economy but will be an extraordinary year of increasing the quality of life. Tourism will be the sign that life will win over death", said Minister Klosi. In addition to the beautiful Albanian nature that invites you to visit the country from the mountains to the sea, the call that has not yet received a full answer is to increase the quality of service and guarantee the safety of vacationers.
"Our constant demand is not only to go quickly to 10 million tourists in Albania but to be competitive in standards. We have to work as an industry that provides high level service and as such it has qualified people with an area in which we offer tourism from April to November. We need a lot to invest more in service. Tourism is an industry invested in details", says Minister Klosi.

"The tourist season in the city of Saranda has started almost a month ago and every weekend we expect hundreds of tourists not only local but also foreign tourists. It is Poland that occupies the first place from the eastern countries, it is Ukraine, Serbia as well, but also the Nordic countries are not left behind ", says the mayor of Saranda Adrian Gurma.

If 2020 was assessed as the 'patriotic tourism season', this year the eyes are on international tourists. With the slogan ‘Pusho shqip’, the challenge of the year is to overcome 4 million tourists, and to guarantee the health of the vacationers. The season has been opened in Shengjin, Fier, Berat, while the first charters with tourists have arrived in the country, as it is expected that from July there will be a greater influx.

/Klara Ruci/