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Albania records the highest number of daily coronavirus deaths since the beginning of the epidemic

  • 11/23/2020 5:04 PM
Albania records the highest number of daily coronavirus deaths since the beginning of the epidemic

The situation of covid19 in the last 24 hours in the country. 2,352 tests have been performed, of which 320 tests were performed for screening reasons. In the last 24 hours, 795 citizens have tested positive. Positive cases confirmed in the last 24 hours have been identified in the following municipalities: 236 cases in Tirana, 58 in Durrës, 52 in Korça, 51 in Vlora, 50 in Berat, 42 in Fier, 35 in Kruja, 29 in Pogradec, 27 in Kukës, 20 in Gjirokastër, out of 19 cases in Shkodër, Saranda, 18 in Tropojë, 16 in Gramsh, 15 in Mirditë, 13 in Tepelena, 12 in Mallakastër, out of 11 cases in Kurbin, Lezhë, Mat, 10 in Kuçovë, out of 7 cases in Has, Dibër, from 5 cases in Lushnje, Delvinë, from 4 cases in Malësi e Madhe, Bulqiza, Kolonjë, 3 in Devoll, 1 in Kavaja.

In the last 24 hours, 388 citizens have been recovered, bringing the number of cured to 16,230 since the beginning of the epidemic. Currently in 3 COVID hospitals, 439 patients are being treated, 16 in intensive therapy, 5 patients are intubated. Despite the efforts of doctors, in the last 24 hours, 17 citizens with Sars-Cov2 positive have lost their lives in COVID hospitals:

4 citizens from Durrës, 3 citizens from Tirana, 2 citizens from Fieri, 2 citizens from Korça 1 citizen from Skrapar, 1 citizen from Kuçova, 1 citizen from Gramsh, 1 citizen from Lezha, 1 citizen from Dibra, 1 citizen from Kavaja, from age 37 years to 86 years. The Ministry of Health and Social Protection made an appeal to all citizens to cooperate in limiting the spread of infection, respecting the rules, wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, maintaining distance and hygiene.

COVID-19 - Statistics (23 November 2020)
New daily cases 795
Healed in 24 hours 388
Hospitalized 439
Loss of life in 24 hours 17
Daily testing 2.352
Total testing 175,200
Positive cases 33,556
Healed cases 16,230
Active Cases 16,610
Loss of life 716

Geographical distribution of active cases by regions:
Tirana 8463
Fier 1257
Durrës 1222
Korça 934
Shkodër 885
Elbasan 804
Vlora 834
Lezha 689
Berat 527
Gjirokaster 469
Kukës 375

/Klara Ruci/