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Albania will be represented by 9 athletes at the "Tokyo 2020" Olympic Games

  • 7/15/2021 12:36 PM
Albania will be represented by 9 athletes at the "Tokyo 2020" Olympic Games

Albania will be represented by 9 athletes at the "Tokyo 2020" Olympic Games, which will be held from July 23 to August 8. In the gala evening held at the Palace of Brigades, the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, handed over the flag to weightlifter Briken Calja and athlete Luiza Gega, wishing them a dignified appearance.

In his speech, Prime Minister Edi Rama focused on the role of the Olympic Committee, which according to him the mission is to stay close to elite athletes and create the Olympic movement, which will start immediately after returning from Tokyo. The head of government also spoke about the projects he has for sports in the third term.

"I am glad that we had the opportunity to be close to the Olympic Committee and these athletes as much as we could and with the involvement of the Municipality of Tirana, a dignified treatment of all members of this mission has become possible, although we have plenty of things to improve.The mission of the Olympic committee is to stay close to the elite athletes, to prepare sports missions in big activities, but the basic mission of the committee is to create the Olympic movement. There can be no Olympic movement without a combination of government, municipalities and the Olympic Committee, with children, gymnasiums and the university, we are motivated to give a new impetus to the movement in schools, which is in an embryonic stage, but at the same time we think that the conditions have been created for this movement to enter a new phase and start an organized movement that, however, beyond the efforts that the government or the ministry of education can make, depends on the Olympic Committee.

After the mission in Tokyo we will sit down together with the committee to draft a joint program to explain our new program in the third term related to sports and especially sports for children, to listen to all the people in the committee or the leaders of the federations and to start a journey to raise the Albanian Olympic Movement to a more stable level in the next 4 years and to take it out of this embryonic stage ", said Rama.

/Klara Ruci/