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Albanian communities in Ukraine

  • 2/23/2021 10:06 AM
Albanian communities in Ukraine

According to various sources, the Albanian community of Ukraine has about 5,000 - 10,000 members, while less than half of them speak Albanian. In addition to the villages in Bessarabia and Priazovia, Albanians also live in such large cities as Odessa, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kyiv, Izmail, etc.

This community settled in the territory of Ukraine from the end of the XVIII century and the beginning of the XIX century due to religious exile, during the Turkish occupation. As the Ottoman occupier at that time demanded the conversion to Christianity, many of these tribes left and settled in Ukraine where they are still today.

Gjuham, the tradition of the little boy who is the heir of the house, the costumes, the dockets, even the feasts are still fanatically preserved. This certainly shows how Albanians, wherever they are in the diaspora, do not detach their soul from their roots and from the cradle of the homeland.

The village of Karakurt is located near Bolhrad in Bessarabia. The word "Karakurt" comes from Turkish and means "Black Earth". Karakurt is also called one of the most venomous spiders. Perhaps the mystery of why Albanian, Bulgarian and Gagauz colonists renamed the village they founded in 1811 will never be solved.Nowadays, five languages are spoken in Karakurt: Albanian, Bulgarian, Gagauz, Ukrainian and Russian. Local people say that when three people of different nationalities meet and discuss with each other and one of them speaks Albanian, then all three speak Albanian because it is the main language there.