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Albanian folk costumes, chic, pop, rock

  • 2/15/2021 1:13 PM
Albanian folk costumes, chic, pop, rock

Bang, Rita Ora's new mini-album, distributed all over the world the wonderful colors of Albanian folk costumes. With a redesign of Valdrin Sahiti, the Kosovo Albanian singer, and her companions, they wore bright red velvet costumes, embroidered with gold thread.

The magic of the details and symbols of the the traditional Albanian clothing xhubleta, dresses and any other costume from various provinces of Albania, show a beautiful, harmonious, colors, combinations, contrasts, fabrics, materials. But not just the aesthetic side. The traditional characteristics speak of the long work of Albanian women, full of patience, preparation, combination, colors and resistance, which have arrived as evidence in our days while still maintaining the splendor for hundreds of years. The beauty of our costumes had captivated even the souls of a rare elegance: Byron, Oscar Wilde, Edith Durham, who did not leave without wearing these clothes with pride. Byron would fall in love with his portrait in Albanian costume. He took care of every photo, painting, assessing them as perfect. When he saw himself with the Albanian costume in the painting of Thomas Philips, he remained speechless, saying that it was gorgeous.

/Klara Ruci/