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Albanian painter, Nikolet Vasia

  • 7/27/2021 2:05 PM
Albanian painter, Nikolet Vasia

Nikolet Vasia passed away 10 years ago, just a week before celebrating her 64th birthday, while leaving behind a very valuable artwork. Nikolet Vasia has worked in all genres of visual art: painting, sculpture, mosaic, mural painting, stained glass, scenography and graphics.

He graduated the Academy of Arts in 1970, and worked for 14 years as a painter and sketcher under the direction of the passionate archaeologist Vangjel Toçi. The Durrës painter became one of the main consultants in the museum and artistic formulation of the ethnographic museum of Durrës, as well as in the project of the new archeological museum of Durrës.

But Nikolet Vasia did not stop there. His paintings "About the united flag", "Assembly of men", "Homage to Kosovo", "To the Arbëresh" or "Shote Galica" are part of the fund of works with historical theme. Albanian legends about Rozafa, Doruntina, Muji and fairies, etc. became his favorite topics, some of which later turned into philatelic collections of Albanian Post stamps. In the 2000s they were joined by other philatelic series "UN Anniversary", "200th Anniversary of the French Revolution", "Van Gogh", "Olympic Games", etc.

In addition to hundreds of works in painting and sculpture, Nikolet Vasia is the author of the heraldic coat of arms of the city of Durres and many other institutions.The Gallery of Visual Arts in Durrës since 2011 bears the name of the painter Nikolet Vasia.

Nikolet Vasia left behind a series of works mainly in painting, a cycle with several thousand sketches of archeological objects of Durrës, as well as some mosaic works in Durrës and Kruja.

Paintings from Durrës in Europe and America

Nikolet Vasia, together with his colleague Gavril Priftuli are the authors of the mosaic for the liberation of Durrës, installed at the entrance of the Mausoleum of the Martyrs of the coastal city, while another large mosaic, "The appeal", a joint work of the two artists from Durrës, has taken place at the entrance of the victory hall in the National Historical Museum "Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu" in Kruja.

In this museum there is also a painting in stained glass signed by him with the title "Tradition".

During his artistic career Nikolet Vasia has opened 12 personal exhibitions, not only in different cities of the country, but also abroad.

Referring to the works he exhibited in 2007 in Las Vegas (USA), Hollywood director of cinematography Michel Hugo wrote: “Nikolet Vasia offers so much that I do not know how to select. The colors he uses are full of life, attractive and the abstraction of the characters is fascinating.

American critic R. Baird Schuman underlined that "The breadth of Nicoletti's works is world-class, to strike with energy and imagination."

Critics across the Atlantic did not know that his family and artistic gene originated from Kole Idromeno, the multifaceted Shkodra artist of the early 20th century, one of the most prominent Albanian fine arts. Nikolet Vasia was a proffessor of dozens of students of the artistic high school "Jan Kukuzeli" of Durrës, where  he worked as a teacher for 25 years.

Nikolet Vasia, the author of hundreds of portraits - a gift for Durrës children

Nikolet Vasia, the painter who passed away in 2011 at the age of 64, failed to open a personal exhibition of children's portraits, which he had realized over the years.

Hardworking and productive Nikolet Vasia for more than 30 years has painted portraits of hundreds of children, artist gifts for their parents.

Some of these paintings have already been distributed in Albania and other countries of the world, as well as other paintings which are in the hands of collectors in Italy, Romania, Greece, Belgium, Spain, France, USA, etc.

/Klara Ruci/