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Albanian prominent actor passes away at the age of 78

  • 2/13/2021 3:32 PM
Albanian prominent actor passes away at the age of 78

Albanian actor and director Andon Qesari passed away at the age of 78.  He graduated acting education in 1966 at the "Aleksandër Moisiu" school. After graduation he was appointed actor in the professional theater of Vlora. In 1972, he became a lecturer at the Academy of Arts. In 1975 he resumed his artistic activity as an actor, but at the National Theater.

He has performed many roles, starting with Besnik "Write down my name", Feni "Furnace". He was finally appointed actor of National Theatre in 1977. He later realized Vurmi "Intrigue and love", Qamil Bey "The era before the trial", Alex "The patient doctor", Luigi "The tragedy of Dea", Zeus "Prometheus", Father Cormili "Monserati", President "Visit of the old lady", Xanthi "Aesop", Commissar "Opertunescu" "Capulet" "Romeo and Juliet", Berling "Visit of the inspector", Count "Fernando Krafi wrote me a letter", etc. He has also acted in several feature films. He has been successful as a director at "Carnivals of Korça", "Palace 176", "Under the lights of the stage", "In life", "Titanic Waltz", etc. He was honored with the title "Merited Artist".

/Klara Ruci/