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Albanian prominent poet Lefter Çipa

  • 2/18/2021 2:56 PM
Albanian prominent poet Lefter Çipa

Lefter Çipa was born on 14.02.1942 and passed away on 18.02.2021. He is one of the most prominent Albanian poets. He is the author of 18 published books of poetry and a series in the process of editing for publication. Most of the books of this typological author have been published by the well-known publishing house "TOENA" in Tirana. Among the most circulated books of this author are: "Nightingales of my country", "Proud Albania ", "Songs of Ruzana", "I will raise again for Kosovo ”,“ The song that melts me into tears ”,“ Akroqeran's songs ”,“ The Prince of Love ”, etc. He was considered the prince of Albanian polyphony.

Çipa is considered as the most creative author of polyphony over the last 40 years and one of the most persistent scholars and researchers of oral folk poetry in the southern regions of the country. Author of over 1250 songs performed by famous polyphonic groups such as Piluri polyphonic group, being the artistic leader for over 40 years, polyphonic groups of Himara, Benca, Dhërmi, Gjirokastra, Vlora, Lapardha, State Song Ensemble and Dances and dozens of other artistic ensembles in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, etc.

Lefter Çipa is also the unique author of songs of high artistic and musical value such as "White Sheep", "Boys walking in the heat", "From this  land", "Naim Albania", " Why do Albania's eyes cry "," Wild mountain lady "," Emigrants' song "," Vito, like a dove "," Little moon in the sky "," The green stone ring "," The narrow path ",”Sailing boat song "," The song of the violet "," Lady of beauty ", etc.

This author has taken part with his creations in 6 National Folklore Festivals held in Gjirokastra, Berat and Lezha, being a laureate in every National Festival.

Lefter Çipa has published a large number of articles for authors and prominent representatives of Albanian national literature. There is a rich archive of documents that speak of the authentic fund of Albanian polyphonic values of the Himara Coast and other Arber areas. The most prominent personalities of culture have appriciated the work, contribution and multifaceted values ​​of this author and prominent organizer of Albanian polyphonic and folklore activities.

Lefter Çipa is remembered as the co-founder of the famous Vlora trio. Çipa was the gurgling voice of the Albanian coast, which gave life to a treasure of polyphonic pearls and has left behind the inextinguishable echo of his pearls. 

 Lefter Çipa has been assessed as the legend of Albanian poetry and polyphony, the Honor of the Nation, the brilliant creator of the Albanian Coast, with deeply national inspiration. Çipa left us a valuable artistic and cultural heritage, where the pearls of Albanian polyphony masterfully created by him stand out and will be sung forever, as long as Albanians live.

 Çipa was often considered a National value as he dedicates most of his creativity to "Iso-Polyphony", which is a value of our people and is also on the UNESCO list. Lefter Çipa was decorated with "Honor of the Nation", the highest decoration of the country, on November 28, 2020.

/Klara Ruci/




/Klara Ruci/