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Albanian prominent poet Lefter Çipa passes away at the age of 79

  • 2/18/2021 2:56 PM
Albanian prominent poet Lefter Çipa passes away at the age of 79

Albanian prominent poet, Lefter Çipa, passed away at the age of 79. He left behind a wide creativity in books and lyrics. Lefter Çipa is the author of about 1250 songs. Çipa will remain in the minds of Albanians as the great master of folk poetry.

He is known as the man who invested the most in Albanian polyphony. Lefter Çipa is the author of 18 books published with poetry such as: "White Sheep", "Nightengales of my country", "Proud Albania ", "Songs of Ruzana", "I will raise again for Kosovo ”,“ The song that melts me into tears ”,“ Akroqeran's songs ”,“ The Prince of Love ”, etc. He was considered the prince of Albanian polyphony.

Lefter Çipa is also the unique author of songs of high artistic and musical value such as "White Sheep", "Boys walking in the heat", "From this  land", "Naim Albania", " Why do Albania's eyes cry "," Wild mountain lady "," Emigrants' song "," Vito, like a dove "," Little moon in the sky "," The green stone ring "," The narrow path "," O shokë mirça nga song ","Sailing boat song "," The song of the violet "," Lady of beauty ", etc.

Prime Minister Rama  expressed his condolences for the death of the poet Lefter Çipa. Through a post on social networks, Prime Minister Rama writes that Çipa was the gurgling voice of the Albanian coast, which gave life to a treasure of polyphonic pearls and today left this world, leaving behind the inextinguishable echo of his pearls. 

President Ilir Meta also expresses his condolences  to the poet's family and the community of artists.

He assessed Lefter Çipa as the legend of Albanian poetry and polyphony, the Honor of the Nation, the brilliant creator of the Albanian Coast, with deeply national inspiration. Mr Meta stated that Çipa left us all a valuable artistic and cultural heritage, where the pearls of Albanian polyphony masterfully created by him stand out and will be sung forever, as long as Albanians live.

The Speaker of the Assembly, Gramoz Ruçi, through his condolence message assessed Lefter Çipa as the magistrate of Albanian polyphony, who conveyed to all of us the magic of life and the Albanian world with his aristocratic tastes of polyphony.

 “Lefter Çipa is a multi-layered artist. This nightengale of the Albanian song was at the same time poet, musician, conductor, performer, choreographer and dancer. Lefter Çipa reunited, just like in ancient times, the codes of the genres of arts and reflected with his original refinement the best of Albanian beauties, especially of the regions of Pilur, Himara, Labëria, Toskëria and Çamëria .

His lyrics sing, paint, dance, inspire and recreate the love, whiteness and sweetness of Albanian life. The muse of his poetry nurtured and will continue to nurture the song, the soul, the hearts and the lives of Albanians,"said Ruçi.

Lefter Çipa was often considered a National value as he dedicate most of his creativity to "Iso-Polyphony", which is a value of our people and is also on the UNESCO list.

/Klara Ruci/