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Albanian renowned actor Guljem Radoja passes at 75

  • 5/5/2021 12:06 PM
Albanian renowned actor Guljem Radoja passes at 75

Albanian renowned actor Guljem Radoja passed away at COVID-2 hospital after two days in intubation.

Radoja passed away at the age of 75, leaving behind a "gem" in Albanian cinema.

The actor stayed for more than a month in the hospital of Durrës, but when his health condition was deteriorating he was sent to the hospital Shefqet Ndroqi in Tirana. Actor Radoja lost the battle with the virus.

Guljem Radoja was born on July 2, 1945 in the city of Shkodra. After graduating the Institute of Arts (now the Academy of Arts) for Dramaturgy in 1972, he began working as a professional actor at the Librazhd Theater.

He then left this theater to work as an actor and director at the "Bylis" Theater in the city of Fier and then as an actor at the "Aleksandër Mojsiu" Theater in Durrës. Among his performances in the theater we can mention his roles in the plays "Bourgeois Wedding" by Bertold Brecht, "With the eye of a clown" by Heinrich Bell, "Trojans" by Vasilis Theodoropoulos, etc.

In cinematography he has played more than 30 roles. His first role was as a forest engineer in the 1970 film "Trail". A series of other roles would continue, such as the role of Tenente Gruabardhi in the film "In the beginning of summer" in 1975, the role of Stefan Bardhi in the film "The Teacher" in 1979, the role of Petro Nini Luarasi in the film "Dying on foot ”in 1984, the role of the priest in the film“ Return of the Dead Army ”in 1989, the role of the prosecutor in the film“ Colonel Bunker ”in 1998, etc.

For his artistic merits Guljelm Radoja has been honored with the title "Merited Artist".

/Klara Ruci/