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Albanian Superliga, results and standings

  • 2/1/2021 11:11 AM
Albanian Superliga, results and standings

The main challenge of the 17th week of Albanian Superliga between Partizani and Vllaznia, ended in a goalless draw, 0-0. The match was played at the "Elbasan Arena" stadium. With many chances to score, neither team managed to score, sharing the points. Meanwhile, both teams closed the match with one player less, after Krymi from Vllaznia and Bitri from Partizani received a red card. Meanwhile  Tirana has returned to victory in Superliga defeating Apolonia 0-1 in the transfer. 

The striker of the Albanian national team, Taulant Seferi, was the author of the only goal, his first one in the Albanian football championship. 


Partizani- Vllaznia  0-0 

Apolonia - Tirana 0-1 

Laci- Teuta  1-0

Kastrioti- Bylis 1-0 

Skenderbeu - Kukesi 0-4 



Vllaznia  37 points 

Partizani  28

Laci  27

Teuta  27

Kukesi  26

Tirana  23

Kastrioti  21

Apolonia  13

Bylis   12

Skenderbeu  12