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Albanians pay less taxes than citizens of other Western Balkan countries

  • 4/2/2021 9:12 AM
Albanians pay less taxes than citizens of other Western Balkan countries

Albanians pay less taxes than citizens of other Western Balkan countries.

A report published by ALTAX in the framework of Fiscal Freedom Day (April 2) brings to attention that the Albanians of Albania and Kosovo have the lowest fiscal burden. The total taxes paid per capita in Albania are 1119 euros, while in Kosovo, 1093 euros. In Montenegro, the same indicator is 2444 euros.

THe report explains that in order to further analyze the level of average fiscal burden for residents of Balkan countries, after receiving the latest information on the number of residents in each of the Balkan countries, it can be seen that the ratio between total taxes paid with the number of inhabitants has an average payability level of taxes and contributions that varies.

Regarding salaries, the report explains that for the fiscal burden of citizens have been selected salary levels that represent different social groups and levels of representation of social strata.

The analysis selected the minimum wage for 2020 of 26 thousand ALL / month, the lower middle level salary of 100 thousand ALL / month, the upper middle level salary of 250 thousand ALL / month, as well as the salary that represents the levels high of 500 thousand ALL / month.

"For citizens and their families who receive income from work, the report shows that the difference between citizens who have salaries over 500 thousand ALL / month with those who have a minimum wage, 26 thousand ALL / month (excluding Tirana) comes in a ratio of 1.9 : 1.

This means that the fiscal burden for the citizen with the minimum wage is 1.9 times lower compared to the citizen who receives a very high monthly salary. Theoretically, the citizen with the high level of gross salary bears a fiscal burden of 30.6% of his salary, compared to the fiscal burden of 15.8%, which bears the citizen who has the minimum wage. In fact, the payability of taxes depends on the level of salaries and the size of the tax base, "the document reads.

/Klara Ruci/