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Albanians see good education as the greatest achievement in life.

  • 7/7/2021 9:59 AM
Albanians see good education as the greatest achievement in life.

Albanians see good education as the greatest achievement in life.

After education they consider a good job as an achievement. The results came from the Balkan Barometer 2021 conducted by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC).

To the question "What do you think is the most important thing to do in life?", the majority of Albanians chose education as the most important, as 82 percent of respondents rated it as the greatest achievement. This election was higher than in other Balkan countries. For example, only 54 percent of Bosniaks considered education to be the most important achievement in life, 54 percent of Macedonians, 60 percent of Montenegrins and 45 percent of Serbs. While 54% of Albanians in Kosovo assessed education as an important choice in life.

The second most important achievement in life for Albanians is work. 69 percent of respondents chose work as the second biggest achievement in life, the highest regional percentage. 58% of Bosniaks see work as the greatest achievement in life, putting it ahead of education. 51% of Macedonians considered work as the second greatest achievement in life. 60% of Montenegrins considered work as important as education, while Serbs considered work as an achievement in life more important than education.

Unlike in the region, Macedonians and Serbs see the recognition of the right people, which bypasses education and work, as the greatest achievement in life.

58% of the population in the region thinks that with a good education and a job, a good future is secured. While 38% find job qualifications and education as the main prerequisites to find a good job. 54% claim that knowing the right people is important for a bright future, while more than a third of the population in the Balkans think that fate will move them forward in life.

As unemployment continues to be a challenge across the region, especially among young people and women, there are a growing number of people who think that education and work are key preconditions for moving forward in life.

Meanwhile, more than half of young people in the Balkans consider employment to be the most important issue in life. Finding a job is the biggest concern for 62% of respondents at a young age.

The COVID-19 crisis caused the loss of thousands of jobs in less than a year. With youth making up 21.27% of the entire population of the Western Balkans, youth concern should be taken as an urgent call for governments to actively engage in employment policies and measures, RCC suggests.

/Klara Ruci/