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American Chamber of Commerce: Albania should be oriented towards Euro-Atlantic opportunities

  • 10/14/2021 10:08 AM
American Chamber of Commerce: Albania should be oriented towards Euro-Atlantic opportunities

The American Chamber convened  the General Assembly on the election of the Board of Directors in the presence of Ambassador Yuri Kim, Minister of Finance Delina Ibrahimaj, and representatives from AmCham Washington and the Bechtel Company.

The President of the American Chamber, Enio Jaço stated that Albania must orient its policies towards Euro-transatlantic opportunities and in order to benefit from them, it must fight the black, informal economy, the cost of which is paid by honest businesses.

Jaço said that in the last two years the American Chamber has increased its membership as well as cooperation with international partners working with the U.S. Chamber in Washington and the US Department of State for Trade in support of increased Albania-US trade. For the challenges that the business climate has today, Jaço referred to the AmCham Annual Index, and in addition to unfair practices, raised as a concern the tendency of new professional talents to leave Albania.

"There is a growing concern and dissatisfaction with the country's domestic policies. Business Index, AmCham's annual metric shows that very often the practices in the way of doing business are not right. As a result of this situation, new professional talents are seeing the possibilities of leaving Albania. "If we want to build a truly competitive economy, that's a cost to all of us - including our businesses," said the AmCham President.

Enio Jaço made an analysis of the situation where businesses operate, part of which, working in what he called clean economy are penalized by the rest of the informal economy.

Focusing on American investments in Albania, Jaço welcomed the American company Bechtel as the newest member of the American Chamber and expressed optimism that with the right climate other American investments will become a reality in Albania.

Jaço closed the speech with the Investment Agenda, AmCham package with 40 legal interventions to improve the business climate with the call to work together with the Government and political forces in the Parliamentary Committees for its implementation.

"I hope that the Investment Agenda will be implemented. We look forward to working with the Government, the Ministry of Finance and Parliament to make it a reality. "The time has come to stop discussing the problems of the Business Climate and to start concrete legal interventions to improve it, offering opportunities and development for all," said Jaço.