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American Department of State: Respect the September 4 agreement between Serbia and Kosovo

  • 9/3/2021 2:30 PM
American Department of State: Respect the September 4 agreement between Serbia and Kosovo

The US State Department has called for respect of the agreement signed on September 4 at the White House between Kosovo and Serbia, a year ago.

"We are continuing to work with Kosovo and Serbia to implement the commitments they have made in support of the goal of comprehensive normalization of relations. The United States stands ready to support the work towards a comprehensive and binding agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, based on mutual recognition which lays the foundation for long-term cooperation and well-being," said the American Department of State spokesman Ned Rice.

"We support the European Union-mediated dialogue and urge the parties to re-engage in this process with a sense of urgency to address political and technical issues."

"We hope that our partners will respect in good faith the commitments made in Washington last year. We therefore encourage both sides to prioritize efforts to build political trust through serious and necessary participation in the EU-facilitated dialogue process."

One point of the agreement reached a year ago, signed by Avdullah Hoti as Prime Minister of Kosovo and Aleksandar Vucic, President of Serbia, mediated by Donald Trump who was President of the United States, is the moratorium on recognition.

Department of State invites both parties to be careful on such points.

"We also urge Kosovo and Serbia to increase co-operation in areas of common interest, such as the pandemic recovery and the improvement of economic and trade relations. In order to support and make successful the dialogue and other efforts, we encourage both sides to maintain their moratoriums on the issue of recognition that complicate progress in the technical fields."

/Klara Ruci/