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Angela Peristeri gets the first win in "Eurovision", declared the most beautifully dressed singer

  • 5/19/2021 3:06 PM
Angela Peristeri gets the first win in "Eurovision", declared the most beautifully dressed singer

Angela Peristeri attracted everyone's attention in her parade on the turquoise carpet, which was attended by all competitors of "Eurovision" for this year. Foreign media wrote about the dress that Peristeri had selected and she has gained so much attention that she has managed to be announced as the most beautifully dressed.

WiwiBlogs, the largest portal of "Eurovision" has organized a poll for the public to select the most beautifully dressed singer and Angela has collected the majority of votes. The red dress, torn to the upper part of the leg worked by Valdrin Sahiti, seems to have pleased most of the European public. Given that appearance today is very important to an artist, this is an achievement for Angela. We hope that after this victory, Angela will receive the grand prize at the European festival.

Peristeri has publicly thanked all those who selected her and gave her the title of the most beautifully dressed artist.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and for voting for me as the most beautifully dressed on the turquoise carpet at Eurovision. We did it, Valdrin Sahiti ", writes Anxhela in a post.

The European festival kicked off yesterday, but Angela is singing on May 20th. In an interview given yesterday for the show "Waake Up", Angela said that she feels anxious until everything is finalized.

"So far both tests have gone well, they have been very, very good. Even the red carpet went very well. But, you are always with that anxiety ‘obobo let this not happen, let it not happen’, until it is all over. After I won the song festival I was very happy to live such an experience. We are a small country and the Eurovision stage is a great achievement for us. "Another Albanian who competes is Gjon's Tears, he is also the favorite to win, he competes for Switzerland", said Peristeri.

/Klara Ruci/