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Arber Road, a 100-year old dream to become a reality

  • 4/14/2021 11:22 AM
Arber Road, a 100-year old dream to become a reality

''Arber Road'',  one of the largest infrastructure projects and a complex engineering work, is taking shape day by day.

Today, Prime Minister Edi Rama chose to cross this axis  to travel to Dibra, following the election campaign. The Prime Minister shared photos  from the trip on this road, through one of the tunnels, located on its axis. “To Dibër from Rruga e Arbrit. " A little bit more  and the 100-year-old dream is a reality", said Rama.

Arbri Road has 7 tunnels with a total length of 8.5 km. With a length of about 74 km, it will become an important East-West connecting corridor. Rruga e Arbrit will not only connect the citizens of Tirana and all of Albania with Dibra and North Macedonia but will be an artery of economic development and tourism.

This road connects the eastern and northeastern regions of Albania by improving the transport of residents living in the areas where the road passes, as well as providing transportation of minieral resources, such as chrome, from Bulqiza to the port of Durres, which is then exported. 

Also, this road axis will be the shortest road that connects Tirana with Dibra, as well as with North Macedonia, Dibra, Tetovo and Skopje, so it will be an international connecting road.