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Balluku: "Albania is going to have three railways. The port of Vlora will be turned into a yacht port"

  • 9/16/2021 9:32 PM
Balluku: "Albania is going to have three railways. The port of Vlora will be turned into a yacht port"

Minister of Infrastructure Belinda Balluku has presented the infrastructure projects that are expected to be completed within the third term of the Socialists. Balluku said that the New Port of Durres, the airports of Vlora and Saranda are expected to be completed within this deadline, while adding that more time will be needed for the completion of the Blue Corridor.

"Ports are part of the development package. Some of them have started, such as the new port of Durres in Porto Romano. The competition closes at the end of October. The international competition will also set a time limit of 36 months. The New Port is delivered within this mandate. The first phase of the frontline project in the existing port that will be turned into an area for tourist and residential use, we have started work on the first phase of negotiations. In the first and second phase within the third term.

The port of Vlora will be turned into a yacht port. The commercial port is relocated to the Triport area. After the operations that have started normally without any restrictions at Kukës airport. Within November we start the construction site for Vlora airport. The study of the environment is being done and the construction site will be set up immediately in the area destined to become this airport that will be bigger. It is also planned to have services for the maintenance of aircraft and the transport of goods by air. We have opened the competition for Saranda airport. It will be a seasonal tourist airport. It turns out that it will process significant capacities from April to November for charter movements. It will take 24 months to build.

Taking into account the deadlines for the competition and the contract, it is expected to be submitted in the spring of 2025, at the end of the third term. The Blue Corridor, for which we have been preparing for some time, a race was launched but due to the pandemic it was postponed to another deadline. With the start of work, the competition will be reopened but it is not expected to end within this mandate. To complete this corridor, one of the most important parts is the Gjirokastra Bypass ", said Balluku.
She said that Albania will have three railway lines. In addition to the Tirana-Durrës, the government envisages the construction of the Vora-Hani i Hotit and Durrës-Pogradec lines.

"We have managed to complete the preparatory phase of the first Tirana-Durrës railway project. The construction site starts at the end of this month before the end of September. We are in the phase of negotiations for the Vora-Hani i Hotit railway that will create access to other Balkan countries. This railway touches a good part of the whole territory.

We do not have an expropriation package. It is rated as a project of low complexity. We are confident that it will be delivered within this mandate. The Investment Bank has undertaken the support for the segment Durrës - Pogradec, but in the meantime we will start with the first segment from Durrës to Rrogozhina", said the minister.

/Klara Ruci/