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Biden administration sends positive signals to Balkans

  • 1/20/2021 10:34 AM
Biden administration sends positive signals to Balkans
Upcoming Secretary to the President, Joe Biden, Anthony Blinken has given positive signals for the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia. For the local media, Blinken spoke about the steps that America will take in international relations under the Biden administration. Among other things, he praised the work done by the Donald Trump administration.
"No party has a monopoly on good ideas. All good ideas stand. Trying to advance the security of the American people abroad. I am ready to do that. There are a number of things the Trump administration has done outside of which support. I applaud the work for the normalization of relations with Israel. You also mention the work done between Kosovo and Serbia. I applaud him and the work that has been done. President-elect has spent a lot of time in these states in the past. We have mentioned several times, the work that needs to be done to move Kosovo forward, and hopefully, Serbia as well. And of course make the allies invest more. In the end, I want to add that President Trump was right to take a stronger approach to China,"Blinken said.
/Klara Ruci/