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Bregu: "In July 2021 roaming tariffs will be zeroed in the region"

  • 11/14/2020 7:36 PM
Bregu: "In July 2021 roaming tariffs will be zeroed in the region"

Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council Majlinda Bregu stated today that in July 2021, roaming tariffs in the region will be voiced.
Bregu stressed that the region must move forward on the path of integration as a common market.
"In Berlin, it was decided by the leaders of the Western Balkans to create a common regional market. From Tuesday, the countries of the region function as a common market. This is a new plan for the next 4 years. This means that there will be free movement of citizens in the region. It is important for the citizens of Kosovo, as they are without a visa regime today.

For the citizens of Kosovo, it is very important to move freely in the region. The region must move forward as a single market. Calls will be even cheaper within the region. The investment market in the region is created. Roming came into force in July last year, and now people pay less. In July 2021, the tariff is zeroed ", said Bregu.

Majlinda Bregu stressed that regional cooperation only adds benefits to the citizens of the Balkan countries.
"The relations between the states already exist and therefore regional cooperation is not an easy way. It is certainly not an easy endeavor. Regional cooperation adds benefits, citizens benefit in the end.

The market in the region includes 6 states. The situation becomes somewhat difficult, due to the relations between the countries, for example North Macedonia has problems with Bulgaria. The possible opening of negotiations allows reforms to move forward. "If we did not have problems, harming ourselves, we would be like Croatia today", underlined Bregu.


/Klara Ruci/