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Bregu: The remedy against the slowdown of the EU enlargement process is the integration of the Balkans!

  • 11/15/2021 5:38 PM
Bregu: The remedy against the slowdown of the EU enlargement process is the integration of the Balkans!

An informal meeting of Southeast European Co-operation Process foreign ministers (SEECP), organized by the Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Dendias, on behalf of the Greek presidency of the SEECP was held today in Brussels. Regional Co-operation Council (RCC) Secretary General Majlinda Bregu said that the European perspective of the Western Balkans is the impetus that makes the process of cooperation beneficial for all, in the long run.

"I believe that the EU has all the power needed to keep the EU perspective alive in the Western Balkans. Without a credible path to EU membership, the Western Balkans could easily succumb to regional nationalism. As regional co-operation agendas are built and the intensity and challenges become greater, we are witnessing every day that the co-operation process between the Western Balkans is facing a stalemate. In a highly contested regional geopolitical environment, action plans like the Common Regional Market (CRM) and the Green Agenda (GA) alone will not suffice.

These instruments are nothing but a soft power for regional cooperation. But if the model of cooperation is compromised, the soft power will disappear. The most ambitious actions to integrate the Western Balkans into EU single market policies turns out to be the remedy against the slowdown in the EU enlargement process. Growth potentials can only be unlocked through the regional economic integration of the six Western Balkan countries, bearing little in the way of the potentials from previous integration into selected EU single market policies. This is the ultimate goal of the Regional Common Market Agenda that we at RCC lead," Bregu said.

The meeting was also attended by Josep Borrell Fontelles, Vice President of the European Commission (EC) and Oliver Varhelyi, EC Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement.

The RCC Secretary General commended the Greek SEECP leadership for their excellent work in using the SEECP platform for further cooperation and allowing exchanges on a range of topics of regional importance.
The RCC remains fully committed to supporting the SEECP as the main forum for regional cooperation in Southeast Europe, as well as to helping the region increase prosperity, security and stability.

/Klara Ruci/