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Covid-19 cases hit frightening new records in Albania

  • 11/18/2020 6:51 PM
Covid-19 cases hit frightening new records in Albania

The Ministry of Health has made public the latest figures regarding the situation of the coronavirus in our country.

Despite the efforts of doctors, in the last 24 hours, 9 citizens with Sars-Cov2 positive have lost their lives in COVID hospitals: a 60 year old from Librazhd, a 63 year old, a 65 year old, a 70 year old from Tirana, a 63 year old and a 79 year old from Shkodra, a 70 year old from Durrës, a 75 year old from Korça, an 81 year old from Gjirokastra.

In the last 24 hours, 2574 tests have been performed in our country, of which 457 tests have been performed for screening reasons.

711 citizens tested positive for SARS COV2 virus in the last 24 hours. Positive cases confirmed in the last 24 hours have been identified in these municipalities:

374 cases in Tirana, 61 cases in Korça, 44 cases in Lezha, 41 cases in Elbasan,

21 cases in Shkodra, 19 cases in Gjirokastra, 18 cases in Berat,

11 cases in Librazhd, Mirdita, Malësi e Madhe, 10 cases in Kavaja, Pogradec,

9 cases in Kuçova, 8 cases in Durrës and Fier,

7 cases in Kukës, Tropojë, Mallakastër, Saranda, 6 cases in Skrapar,

5 cases in Devoll, Lushnje, 3 cases in Vlora, 2 cases in Kurbin, Tepelena,

1 case in Has, Mat, Bulqiza, Kolonjë.

In the last 24 hours, 412 citizens have been recovered, bringing the number of cured people to 14,216 since the beginning of the epidemic.

Currently in 3 COVID hospitals, 420 patients are being treated, 15 in intensive therapy, of which 6 are intubated.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection addresses all citizens who are confirmed or awaiting the answer to the test, to remain isolated, respecting the obligation of self-quarantine.

COVID-19 - Statistics (18 November 2020)

New daily cases 711

Healed in 24 hours 412

Hospitalized 420

Loss of life in 24 hours 9

Daily tests 2,574

Total tests 163,025

Positive cases 29,837

Healed cases 14,216

Active Cases 14,975

Loss of life 646

Geographical distribution of active cases by regions:

Tirana 7406

Durrës 1167

Fier 1162

Korça 906

Shkodër 810

Elbasan 771

Lezha 673

Vlora 671

Berat 512

Gjirokastra 399

Kukës 361

Dibër 137

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection calls on all citizens to respect the rules of hygiene, physical distancing and wearing a mask in any environment outside the home.

/Klara Ruci/