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COVID-19 vaccination plan, open week for citizens over 18 years old

  • 7/16/2021 7:13 PM
COVID-19 vaccination plan, open week for citizens over 18 years old

The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu, from the stadium "Air Albania", where she attended the vaccination process, announced that on Monday starts the open week of vaccination to all citizens over 18 years old, who can apply with identity card at the nearest vaccination point. "After the arrival of 340,000 doses of vaccines, we have decided to return the open vaccination days, according to the vaccination plan and the recommendations of public health experts. It will be the dates, from Monday of the next week , until July 25 ", said Manastirliu.

Inviting the citizens +18 years old to be vaccinated during these days, Manastirliu said that “it will be the first open week of vaccination for all citizens +18 years old, in all health centers, in the mass vaccination points, going also door to door. We will be in the community to carry out this vaccination of the population +18 years old in this week of vaccination ".

Noting that there will be open vaccination days and weeks throughout the summer, Manastirliu said the supply of anticovid vaccines will continue. "Currently in Albania there are more than 1 million and 500 thousand doses of vaccines received. "While on Monday we are waiting for about 32 thousand doses of Pfizer vaccine, to continue with the vaccination plan and to expand it even further", said Manastirliu.

The Minister of Health and the director of the Institute of Public Health said that there is an increased alert for the Delta variant and appealed to the citizens to be vaccinated as soon as possible, as vaccines protect up to 100% from fatalities as a result of Covid19. "For 2-3 weeks now we have been talking about unusual signals. We have taken samples, we have them in the Reference Laboratory and we continue with the monitoring. It is important to understand that despite very sporadic hospitalizations and thankfully missing life losses, we see that there is a small increase in infections. Therefore, our measures and appeal should not be forgotten and the international appeal is vaccination, vaccination, vaccination ", said prof. Albana Fico.

1,578,790 doses of COVID vaccine have arrived in our country so far. A total of 1,052,108 doses have been administered, of which 455,131 citizens have received both doses of the antiCOVID vaccine.