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Dino Murtezani, Icon of Albanian Instrumental Music

  • 3/12/2021 7:52 PM
Dino Murtezani, Icon of Albanian Instrumental Music

Well-known artist Dino Murtezani was born in Tetovo, Macedonia in 1970. At the age of 15 he moved to Slovenia, where he now lives and works. He is known as a prominent artist of traditional-instrumental music in the Balkan region. Some of his most recent performances are: European Week 2020 with the Slovenian group "Duo Artimija", "World Harmony: Dino Murtezani Quartet" in Ljubljana, Slovenia (2019), Festival "Zâ Fest" (2017), and many other cultural-artistic events.
Dino Murtezani is an artist who has contributed a lot to Albanian music over the years with musical activities, making the Albanian cultural and artistic tradition known to the Balkans. With his artistic spirit, and his enchanting talent, Dino Murtezani has brought and interpreted several masterpieces, through the instrumental sounds of the kaval, and not only.
He started as a child in artistic and cultural associations in his hometown of Tetovo where he was born. After the age of 15 he went to attend school and live with his father in Slovenia. And after a while, after 20 years of abstinence, he joined the artistic associations in Slovenia and they created the music of the Balkans. 
The last performance was on the coast of Slovenia, in Piran with some friends with whom he had a big project for "Europe House" (European House) from Tirana. The Embassy of Slovenia engaged them. It was a very nice project and videos have already appeared on facebook.

"The song "The Shepherdess"(Baresha) made me very happy because the public knows it as a song and has had many views. I foresaw this. This has been a more important project and I believe there will be others in the future," he said.

/Klara Ruci/