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Economic Forum/ Vucic: "On January 1, 2023 we will have no borders"

  • 7/29/2021 11:48 AM
Economic Forum/ Vucic: "On January 1, 2023 we will have no borders"

From the Economic Forum for Regional Cooperation, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic said that with this initiative, the countries aim to look to the future and leave behind the past.

Vucic stated that this initiative, called Open Balkan focuses on the development in many aspects of all the countries.
When we started this initiative, all three of us thought it would be a good thing that would change things in the Balkans, for the things that we found shortcomings in another and found reasons for disagreement, Albania and Serbia do not have such close relations but we decided to we look to the future and think and we must leave something to those who come after us, our children, we have established a sincere trust between us, in the sense of development, but we are not naive to think that someone will work for our own good, therefore we must prove that we are to decide for ourselves and get improved not to expect that somewhere someone will guide us and work for us.

So we have to work on our own, yesterday we reached an agreement, what Rama and Zaev proposed we accepted and vice versa.The proposal is for the common interest without anything secret, it is said that Serbia gains more from this but it is not true.

Free movement for example is good for everyone. Goods, trucks, you will have 6-9 percent lower costs because there is no stopping at the borders and this is not easy to do, now we have to look at the approaches regarding VAT, but this is a salvation for our economies. Now how are we going to attract big investors, if we do not do these things, we can open factories in Kukës, Macedonia, Serbia.

Edi mentioned a proposal to talk about cargo transport, to connect it with one place, we do not have a port such as Durrës. We can do something big so we need to set up a board to deal with these. We will give the maximum, build mutual trust, to bring results and if we do these on January 1, 2023 we will have no borders, you will leave Belgrade for Tirana and you will not stop. 

Lastly, we talked to the representatives of the chambers of commerce, about an initiative to have exemptions for transport for trains, roads, hotels, that if you are from these three countries you have an exemption of 3-5 or 10 percent, for people to save some money. Now we will see if we are at the right level for this. We must put aside unfriendly relationships, we must determine our future,"Vucic said.

/Klara Ruci/