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Erdogan: Strengthening our bond with Albania is our duty

  • 1/6/2021 7:34 PM
Erdogan: Strengthening our bond with Albania is our duty

The President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the press conference after the meeting with the Prime Minister of Albania said that in the meeting they talked about increasing the cooperation.

"I am very pleased to receive today in Ankara Prime Minister Rama and his delegation. I welcome you. Albania is a friend, brother and ally. We are two brotherly peoples. Traces of our common centuries-old history are found everywhere, in every corner of Albania. Inspired by ancient history we consider it our duty to strengthen this bond. On the occasion of this visit we have just signed the declaration of the construction of the High Level Strategic Cooperation Council, which will intensify our relations in every field. Albania has just successfully completed the OSCE presidency and has taken over the BISEK presidency since January.

Albania experienced 2 major earthquakes in September and November 2019, which left behind a lot of pain. We mobilized all the means available to the Albanian people. In addition, we decide to build 522 housing units for the Albanian brothers. We hope the construction will be completed in August and we will hand it over to our brothers in need. This will be the symbol of our relationship. We are the largest foreign investor in Albania. More than 600 Turkish companies operate in Albania. We will give another dimension to economic cooperation. The Mosque of Plumbi in Shkodra will be restored by the directorate of foundations, and I hope that this project will start next spring. One of the main points was the fight against terrorism, we share the same view that FETO is a threat for both countries, we will not allow FETO to destroy relations between the two countries and Turkey will be close to Albania. The Marf Foundation, which has taken the New York University together with Istanbul University is taking steps together, there are about 100 students, and with this we have taken a very important step. "I want to wish the April 25 elections to be beneficial for Albania and the Albanian people," Erdogan said.

/Klara Ruci/