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Euronews attention to the Albanian Alps, invites tourists from all over the world to visit it: Paradise for nature and adventure lovers

  • 5/4/2021 2:19 PM
Euronews attention to the Albanian Alps, invites tourists from all over the world to visit it: Paradise for nature and adventure lovers

 Euronews giant Media, in the Travel channel has dedicated a special space to the beauties of the Albanian Alps which remain extraordinary in their grandeur for all those who visit them.

Journalist Andrea Danglli, accompanied by a group of cyclists, has chosen to cross the Alps by bicycle in three countries, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, where he has followed the passages of this impressive trip.

Inviting them to visit this place, in his description Danglli describes it as an extraordinary experience near fascinating landscapes.

The Euronews Travel video shows the tourist destinations along the Alps where you can enjoy the maximum of adrenaline.

"The Western Balkans is a paradise for nature and adventure lovers. It is an area characterized mainly by mountains, but also has access to the coast. All this offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience unique experiences.

To enable foreign and regional visitors to enjoy this unique destination, adventure lovers and travel businesses from all over the region have created a long distance hiking trail through the Cursed Mountains, the Mega-Dinaric Path. With an area of ​​more than 500,000 km2 and an extension of no less than eight places, this is not a common mountaineering trail. As the name suggests, it really is a mega-path.

Andrea Danglli is a tourist and journalist. He traveled to Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo by bicycle when he crossed part of this exciting trail.

He describes it as "an extraordinary experience". He also met "fantastic people" along the way and "witnessed stunning scenery."

"It's worth telling everyone they should visit these Alps," journalist Andrea Danglli said in a video message.
"Besides the main roads of Via Dinarica, there are many other adventures to be experienced. You can enjoy them on foot, by bike and even in the water", it is said in the article forwarded to Euronews where it is added that:

"The adventurous tourism market is growing rapidly and the hope is that these inter-regional trails will attract potential customers, support local economies and encourage sustainable tourism practices throughout the Western Balkans.

Numerous themed trails along the Via Dinarica help nature-loving visitors to explore the historical and cultural heritage, as well as experience the hospitality of an incredibly diverse region.

Another hiking trail developed through regional co-operation is the Via Egnatia, which follows the ancient route that once connected the eastern and western parts of the Roman Empire.

Today it offers climbers a trail that connects historic sites to the Illyricum Trail and stands as a symbol of the region's cultural connection.

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