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Eurostat: Albania, among the youngest countries in Europe; Kosovo holds the record

  • 10/14/2021 2:40 PM
Eurostat: Albania, among the youngest countries in Europe; Kosovo holds the record

Albania keeps being one of the youngest populations in Europe for 2020, although the trend is towards an aging population. According to Eurostat, the median age (which divides the population into two equal parts, one under the median age and the other over the median age) was 37.2 years in 2020, ranking the fourth youngest population in Europe, after Kosovo 30.5 years) , Turkey (32.4) and Iceland (36.5).

In the region, the oldest population is in Serbia (43.9 years old), while other countries such as Montenegro and North Macedonia are approaching the age limit of 40 years.

The oldest population in Europe, according to Eurostat is Italy, with half the population under the age of 47.2 and Germany (45.9 years), followed by Portugal (45.5).

According to Eurostat, in 2020, the average age of the EU population was 43.9 years. Compared to 2001 (the first reference year for which there is information), the average age increased by more than 5 years (from 38.4 years).

In 2020, most regions of the EU capital recorded relatively young populations - but the French region of Mayotte recorded, so far, the lowest average age (17.7 years). This was followed by another French region, Guyana (26.1 years), and the Spanish region of Ciudad Autónoma de Melilla (34.4 years).

Albania is also aging rapidly

Although it is among the youngest populations in Europe, Albania is also aging rapidly. Eurostat data show that the median age in 2010 was 31.9 years.

Other INSTAT data show that in 2021 this trend has continued. The median age reached 37.6 years in 2021, increasing by 4 months over a year, INSTAT reported.

Albania's media age has been on an upward trend, reflecting demographic developments that are favoring the country's rapidly aging population.

The median age of the population began to increase after 1979. In this year, according to INSTAT data, the median population was 20 years old. From 1979 to 2021 the median age has increased by 17.6 years. INSTAT projections for the coming years indicate further population aging. By 2060, the median age is expected to be over 50 years.

Previous INSTAT studies explain the increase in median age by three main factors. The first is the declining number of births that is rapidly reducing the young population. Secondly, emigration, which in Albania is a feature of young people, is shrinking the population under 30 years old. The third reason is related to the increase in life expectancy, which naturally leads to an increase in the older population.

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