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Exhibition "French Literature in Albanian"opened at the National Library

  • 3/29/2021 1:53 PM
Exhibition "French Literature in Albanian"opened at the National Library
Albanian National Library

The exhibition "French Literature in Albanian" has been opened at the National Library. Well-known figures of the history and culture of the country, such as Mit'hat Frashëri or Papa Christo Negovani have made the first attempts before the declaration of independence of the country to translate French literature into Albanian.

  This exhibition, with about 220 books, brings an early journey starting from Alphonde de Lamartin's first translation, "Gyjon Telli", translated by Lumo Skendo and published by "Mbrothësia" in Sofia in 1898, the translation of the story "Pearl Cross  ”of Gabrielle de Mademoiselle” translated by Papa Christo Negovani, published in Korça in 1910 to continue with the most prominent authors in French literature such as: Moliere, Alfred de Musset, Adolf d 'Ennery, Guy de Maupassant, Alfred de Vigny, La Fonten, Honore de Balzak, Viktor Hygo, Stendal, Emil Zol, etc. ", says the director of the National Library, Piro Misha.

Out of 2000 titles, in the pavilions of this exhibition, 220 of them belong to personalities who have contributed to the Albanian culture, for the elaboration and delivery of the Albanian language, such as: Sotir Caci, Halit Selfo, Vedat Kokona, Enver Fico, Bujar Doko, Petro Zheji, Klio Evangjeli, Misto Treska, to continue further with Donika Omari, Edmond Tupja, Saverina Pasho, Mirela Kumbaro, Diana Çuli, Nasi Lera, Edit Dibra etc. 

The exhibition opened within the Month of Francophonie will remain open until March 31, 2021.

/Klara Ruci/