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Exhibition "Generations" / 30 painters with 70 works in History Museum

  • 12/31/2020 9:32 AM
Exhibition "Generations" / 30 painters with 70 works in History Museum

The "Generations" exhibition has been opened at the National History Museum. The curator and painter Robert Përmeti tells the reasons and the works of the artists, who have not stopped their art even in this difficult period of pandemic.

"Art is always necessary for all of us, but in this difficult period such as the Covid 19 pandemic, we Albanian painters were inspired by Italian artists to be as close as possible to people. Therefore, the public can come to enjoy it ", says the curator Robert Përmeti.

The paintings of Guri Madhi, Sali Shijaku, Shaban Hysa and Xhevdet Doda follow those of Lec Shkreli, Anastas Kostandi and Përmet, addressing various topics among which national elements dominate.
"Folk costumes embroidered in gold and other materials are one of the greatest assets we have. Therefore, we bring these folklore elements in these paintings to attract the attention of foreigners who know how ", says Përmeti.
The exhibition will continue to be open at the National History Museum.

/Klara Ruci/